Swedish guitar player Alex Crown, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has worked as a freelance musician with various artists and in various genres for the last 15 years, working closely with a number of top musicians from the Swedish music scene. Alex has also been the driving force as a composer, producer and musician behind the music project Sonic Station, which has released two albums.

On guitarist Alex Crown's forthcoming debut album “For obvious reasons” childhood friend and smooth jazz pianist Jonathan Fritzén joins in on several tracks including the new single “The last straw”. A long-standing collaboration, the two friends have also penned four of the songs together. The debut collection also features saxophonist Darren Rahn and Dirty Loops bass player and friend Henrik Linder. The songs on this album have taken shape over recent years, with all compositions produced by Alex Crown and featuring Crown’s tasty playing throughout.  


Already in their early teens, Jonathan Fritzén and Crown would hold jam sessions, exploring, growing and fooling around with jazz harmonies, improvisation, composing and creating a bond that stands strong today. Alex has appeared on several of Fritzén's records, and can be heard as the featured guitarist on his hit "Melting". As a guitarist on a Jonathan Fritzén mini-tour in the US a couple of years ago, Alex got to know the saxophone player, Darren Rahn. Fascinated by Darren’s playing, he invited him to appear on the debut album. In (2005), during Crown’s studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, bass player Henrik Linder and Crown became good friends. Linder, now the celebrated virtuoso bass player in the world renowned band Dirty Loops, participates as musician, featured artist and songwriter on “For obvious reasons”. 

  Also participating on “For obvious reasons” is the highly talented violin player Conny Lindgren, a member of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Oscar Nilsson, a well-known voice from musicals and various musical groups in Sweden, delivers the lead vocals on the only non-instrumental tune “Give Me All You’ve Got”. Featured on the tune “Down and out” is saxophonist Andreas Andersson, member of the Swedish group “Urban Soul”.   

Live at the Soiled Dove w. Jonathan Fritzén and Darren Rahn

Live at Spaghettini w. Jonathan Fritzén, Darryl Williams & Eric Valentine